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Perfect QUEmunity Ownership Candidates

MacQue's BBQ is looking for passionate entrepreneurs who share our love and commitment to excellence for:

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Interested franchisees must meet the following guidelines to qualify.
Interested franchisees must meet the minimum financial guidelines in order to qualify.
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Start Your Franchise!

Thank you for your interest!  Please submit your information & our franchise team will contact you to get started on your franchising journey.

Do you (or your partners) have experience running a restaurant?
Have you tried MacQUE's BBQ before?
Franchise Application Form
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The financial investment breakdown.

The initial franchisee fee to open a MacQue's BBQ location is $37,500. The initial estimated investment varies from $227,000 on the low end and up to $530,500, depending on various factors such as restaurant lease, location, equipment selection, and other start-up overhead expenses.


For experienced candidates interested in multiple locations, we offer an Area Development Agreement. Instead of an Initial Franchise Fee for each location, you would qualify for a Development Fee for the entire package of locations.

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MacQue's BBQ Area developers receive exclusive rights to territories.   Fees are non-refundable.  Each restaurant signs a separate  Franchise Agreement under the Area Development agreement.


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frequently asked questions

How long does it take for an application to be approved?
Upon receiving a fully completed and verified application, we can review and return a decision as quickly as  1-3 business days, as long as no follow up information is required.

How much will it cost to open a MacQUE's BBQ location?
The cost will vary based on whether it is a single location or area development, restaurant size, location, equipment selection, along with other factors. The basic cost for one restaurant is estimated from $227,000 up to $530,500, which includes the initial franchise fee of $37,500.

If we do not have a location, will you get one for us?
Though we make no guarantees on locations, MacQUE's BBQ has a team of experienced real estate professionals that will assist you throughout the location selection process.  They will help you select the site, as well as negotiate the lease.
What is the recommended location size?
1,800 to 2,500 square feet.
Do you franchise out of state?
Yes, absolutely!
Can I franchise in multiple states?
Yes, you can open multiple locations in different states.
Do you offer franchising outside of the United States?
Yes, franchising is available in Canada and Mexico.
How long will it take to open a restaurant?
Once a location is secured and the construction permit has been issued, construction usually takes 12-16 weeks depending on your contractor's performance.
Do you provide training?
Yes, absolutely!  MacQUE's BBQ will provide the initial training, along with industry leading software technology to streamline daily restaurant operations, such as Jolt and Toast POS system.  Ongoing training and support is available and determined as needed.
Do I have to purchase supplies from you?
In order to deliver consistent and high quality food to our customers, we partner with certain vendors who are preferred suppliers for you to purchase from.
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